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Spring Seminar 2015

GREATER COLUMBUS ARMA SPRING SEMINAR ALIGNING RECORDS MANAGEMENT WITH BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY CHANGES Thursday, May 21, 2015 8:30 am to 4:30pm 8:30AM – MANAGING PERSONAL MOBILE DEVICES BY EMPLOYEES SOO KANG General Counsel and Director of Consulting, Zasio While the introduction of consumer devices into the business environment by employees comes with certain benefits, risks

April 2015 Monthly Chapter Meeting

  Please Join us Thursday April 16th!! Register Today Note: This event will be at Honda in East Liberty Ohio April 16th 2015 “Big Bucket Retention Schedules” Presented by Brian Welbaum, RIC Coordinator Honda North America, Law Division, Records Information CenterThis will be a great opportunity to get an overview of the Records Retention program

March 2015 Monthly Chapter Meeting

  Please Join us Thursday March 19th!! Register Today March 19th 2015 “Secrets of Automating Your Destruction Process” Presented by Stephen Ferguson, CRM, Martin Susec, CRM and Kim Perdew Do employees at your company have a mentality where they think they need to retain EVERYTHING? Does your company have boxes/records stored at an off-site facility